South Lakeland businesses get support to go green

South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) has teamed up with Green Small Business to offer a heavily subsidised deal for firms to get environmental advice and certification.

South Lakeland businesses can get a half-price rate on a package of environmental advice and support, along with 12 months Green Small Business certification. If you are a business based in South Lakeland, email [email protected] and we’ll send you a discount code.

The package of support includes:

  • A high-level but systematic review of the environmental impacts of the business (via video-call or phone)
  • A draft environmental action plan and policy for the business, for you to adjust as necessary
  • 12 months Green Small Business certification

Why bother?

The decisions of customers and employees are increasingly informed by environmental concerns so getting environmental certification is a smart business move. It can also be a requirement for grant applications, tenders and supply contracts.

The Green Small Business approach is designed specifically for small businesses and organisations. Certification provides confirmation for customers and potential customers that a business is aware of its environmental impacts and that they are being actively managed. Renewing certification costs £199 every year, which is a fraction of the cost of other schemes designed with bigger businesses in mind.

The benefits to a small business of becoming Green Small Business certified include:

  • Providing evidence of environmentally-friendly practices which can help secure contracts with government, public or private sector bodies.
  • Saving money by understanding and managing how you use energy and water, where your raw materials come from and how you dispose of waste.
  • Enhancing reputation by demonstrating commitment to the environment to clients, customers and potential customers.
  • Improving your environmental performance by reducing resource use, energy use and waste.

We work with bigger businesses too and they are also eligible for SLDC funding support. If you are a medium-sized or large business (more than 49 staff), book a call to discuss your requirements.

What others have said

Here’s some feedback from South Lakeland business owners who have already benefited from this support:

“Green Small Business has helped us to understand how to get started and progress on our sustainability journey. Taking the carbon consumption out of our business seems a huge and daunting task and now we have a plan I feel much more confident in making a real difference.”

Serena von der Heyde, Victorian House Hotel, Grasmere

“Tim managed to pull together what would have taken us up to a year to do as a team. Tim has given us the focus, structure and coordination that we needed to understand what net-zero is, how we are going to get there, and what our plan is. We hope to continue to work with him into the future.”

Dan Visser, Langdale Estate

Being certified as a Green Small Business has helped us to review our practices and make many small changes which we hope will make a difference. Tim has also helped us to consider some of the bigger challenges with regard to running a business in a large Victorian building. Our action plan allows us to work towards some more ambitious improvements in the longer term which may impact on our energy usage. In addition, as people are increasingly aware of environmental issues, we hope that our clients will notice our accreditation and be inspired themselves to make changes in their own businesses, place of work or personal lives.

Caroline Tennyson, Hart Jackson & Son Solicitors, Ulverston

The customers, and those we serve will be proud to work with us, we believe it’s a recruitment bonus too. It makes the overall business far more alert

Catherine Connor, Lovingly Artisan Bakery, Kendal

As a micro office based business there is very few qualifications that I can achieve to showcase green credentials. It gives weight to our policies and approach.”

Claire Steele, Lil’ Creative Studio

“The Green Small Business process has prompted us to think about areas we may have ignored. I think it is useful for getting us on to the right track to take our environmental footprint seriously. It will also enhance our reputation with those for whom green is important. I believe that increasingly the public will be attentive to those companies who don’t take a proactive green stance”

Val Stangoe, St Mary’s Hospice, Ulverston

“Green Small Business aligns with the deep rooted values I want to build my business on, and allows me to clearly see in written format how I can apply these practically in the everyday running of my business.”

Lauren Munro-Bennett, LMB Coaching

“Becoming a certified Green Small Business enables us to be recognised for our efforts to do the right thing. It validates us in our customer’s eyes”

Brendan Donelly, Coniston Stonecraft

“The whole process was really smooth and simple and we are delighted with the results. It was really reassuring to find that we are already doing many of the things we can to mitigate our environmental impact. To have an environmental policy drawn up for us and a clear EMS developed has saved us a lot of time and given us really achievable targets to work towards. Having a Green Small Business accreditation in place gives us increased credibility and allows us to show to clients and collaborators that we can deliver on our values.”

Helen Lawrie, Land & Sky Media, Kendal

“The Green Small Business approach gives us a structure to work with and aim for, rather than feeling the task of being green feeling too big to achieve and beyond our finances. Our customers will appreciate the changes we are making by being able to show the certification and it will attract like minded collaborators into our business. It was a very straight forward process and we are so glad we invested in this.”

Joanne Withers, St Mark’s Stays, Sedbergh

“It was great to get some affirmation for our efforts up to this point. What we found useful was the extra research that Green Small Business did for us and pointing us in the right direction. I feel if I need some advice in the future, I can get in touch with them and discuss.”

Zoe Arnold-Bennett, Shed 1 Distillery, Ulverston