Training on environment and carbon

We can build your knowledge and understanding of carbon and environmental management in business.

We run nationally accredited training courses for business owners, managers and employees. They can be accessed online or in-person.

Level 2 course

Perhaps you’re a business owner or manager with a need to build your knowledge and understanding of how to implement better environmental management and carbon management activities within your business?

Our Level 2 course, accredited by eta, will:

  • Introduce you to the importance of environmental responsibility
  • Build your understanding of how to design and implement an environmental management system that works for your business
  • Better equip you to drive improved environmental performance within your business
  • Outline the impacts of climate change on business and the importance of being prepared
  • Explain all of the key terms relating to carbon management and net zero
  • Guide you through the practicalities of estimating the carbon footprint of your business
  • Outline the key principles for developing a strategy for achieving net zero

Level 1 course

Or perhaps you’re looking for training to upskill team members and to help ensure effective implementation of your environmental ambitions as a business?

Our Level 1 course, accredited by eta, will:

  • Build understanding of the scope of environmental impacts generated by businesses
  • Explain climate change, its impacts and the urgency of the response needed
  • Provide a guide to business approaches environmental and carbon management
  • Build understanding of the roles that all team members can play in improving environmental and carbon performance in the workplace.

Delivery of the courses can be in a format that suits you, face-to-face or online.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Feedback on our Level 1 course:

“I’m now much more aware of how I can contribute to making my business more carbon friendly”

“I’ve identified specific steps we can take to reduce waste and energy use”

“We’ve identified more ways of reducing our carbon footprint”

“I’m now much more aware of the importance of conserving energy and reducing waste”

“We’ve learned valuable tips on how we can keep the environmental impacts of our practice at the forefront of our thinking”

“We’ve learned valuable tips on how we can keep the environmental impacts of our practice at the forefront of our thinking”

“I’m much more aware of what can be done in the workplace to improve environmental management”

“I will be encouraging the rest of my team to go through this training”

“I absolutely loved it and I do not feel there is anything I would change”

Feedback on our Level 2 course:

“I have learnt so much that I can take back to my business to help with our net zero objective. I also know that our team have all learnt and been inspired by this training”

“Really helpful information and guidance, with lots of signposting to further information throughout. Very motivating”

“I now feel more confident to develop an environmental management system and to calculate the carbon footprint for our business. It will definitely help us to take action”

“Great course, really informative, practical and engaging”

“This is really going to help us plan and prioritise the implementation of our environmental management strategy”

“Being part of the sustainability team, I can effectively use a lot of the information to improve our current work on sustainability”

“We are about to start the process of measuring the carbon footprint of our business so this was invaluable in giving us a foundation of knowledge and helped to clarify the issues that we had”

“I feel like I now have the knowledge and ability to measure and manage our emissions better, and inspire others to do the same”

“Helpful information”

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