Carbon footprinting

Want to be a net zero business? Unsure how to go about it or even what it means?

Need a Carbon Reduction Plan to meet tendering requirements?

‘Carbon footprinting’, ‘carbon neutral’, ‘climate positive’, ‘net zero’ – the list of buzzwords gets ever longer. Our net zero business support is designed to help you understand and apply them to your business.

We can produce a carbon footprint for your business and help you develop a clear net zero commitment.

Our approach to carbon footprinting:

  • follows international standards and protocols
  • emphasises the need to keep it manageable
  • determinedly avoids all ‘greenwash’

Our package of support includes this 3-step process:

1. You complete our online carbon scoping assessment, so that we know what needs to be included in your carbon footprint

2. We develop a bespoke data collection spreadsheet for your business and in a video call, talk you through all of the data that needs to be gathered

3. We will calculate your carbon footprint using the business data you have gathered and upload it to the Green Small Business portal, a single platform for tracking your carbon and environmental performance. We’ll also provide a plain-English briefing paper, which explains how we have calculated your footprint and provides recommendations for next steps and links to all of the resources you need.

And we’ll be available for any queries or problems that arise along the way.

Wondering how this relates to our environmental plan and certification package? Carbon footprinting works brilliantly alongside this package. It allows businesses to track the carbon benefits of taking the improvement actions identified in your environmental action plan.

“As an environmental business, measuring our carbon footprint was essential. We can now use our Environmental Action Plan to work towards reducing our footprint across all areas of the business. Tim is highly knowledgeable and great at tailoring the process to meet your business’ requirements.”

“Having a baseline number for the carbon footprint of our business allows us to measure changes that we make to reduce this. Without an actual figure, it is easy to think that what we are doing is lessening our environmental impact, when it may not be having the kind of impact we hoped. Being certified will show that we are serious in reducing the environmental impact of the business – not just ‘greenwashing’.”

“We’re at the start of our Carbon reduction journey and Tim has helped to guide us through our first footprint measurement. We now have a much better understanding of the process and the data we need to include in our footprint, he has also helped us to identify improvements we can make to get better data for future measurements.”

“Being Green Small Business certified means that when we approach funders we can demonstrate our commitment to the environment. This is something that most funders and grant-making organisations require now. If we couldn’t demonstrate this it’s highly likely we would lose funding opportunities to competitors.”

“Being a Certified Green Small Business is the perfect way for us to communicate our environmental commitment and credibility to clients, employees, and other stakeholders.”

“The carbon footprinting service provided some really useful and interesting results. The emissions we now target were not those we expected to see so it’s been a really useful benchmarking exercise.”


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