Buildings and energy

Through our partners we can offer independent, specialist advice on the energy performance of your buildings. With energy costs being a critical issue for many businesses, these services are in increasingly high demand.

We include general advice on buildings and energy as part of our environmental management systems package. Where more in-depth advice is then needed, we can arrange:

  • ‘Greening’ assessments. These assess the current state of your buildings and explore the options for insulation energy reduction and low or zero carbon alternatives for provision of heat, hot water and power. We then use commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and Display Energy Certificate (DEC) software (iSBEM & ORCalc) to model various scenarios and provide estimates of the degree of improvement delivered by these measures. We provide indicative costs and cost savings so that you can clearly understand the most cost-effective approaches.
  • Independent feasibility assessments for renewable energy. These will set out your options for different renewable technologies, taking account of technical feasibility, energy/cost savings and income generation. They include cost information, income and payback calculations, estimated CO2 savings. We can cover solar, wind, biomass, heat pumps, anaerobic digestion, batteries, electric cars.

And much more.

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