Net zero business support package

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We will develop a carbon footprint for your business and put you on the road to net zero.



Want to be a net zero business? Unsure how to go about it or even what it means?

‘Carbon footprinting’, ‘carbon neutral’, ‘climate positive’, ‘net zero’ – the list of buzzwords gets ever longer. This package of support is designed to help you understand and apply them to your business.

Our 3-step process:

  1. You complete our online carbon scoping assessment, so that we know what needs to be included in your carbon footprint
  2. We develop a bespoke data collection spreadsheet for your business and in a video call, talk you through all of the data that needs to be gathered (We’ll also be on hand as you gather the data, in case you find gaps or face any other challenges – we’re good at finding solutions to these things now!)
  3. We will calculate your carbon footprint using the business data you have gathered and send you an easy-to-read briefing paper, summarising your carbon footprint, providing recommendations for next steps and links to all of the resources you need. It will also be accompanied by an Excel spreadsheet containing your carbon footprint calculations, so that you can easily update your footprint in future.

Wondering how this relates to our environmental plan and certification package? Carbon footprinting is an action that we often include in our small business action plans and we provide high-level  advice on how to go about it. This is often enough for most businesses but some don’t have the time and/or expertise to calculate their footprint. This package includes step-by-step support in calculating your business carbon footprint and all of the advice and resources to make the best use of it in your business.

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