‘Making it Easy’ DIY Pack

£ 35.00 + TAX

Templates and editable examples to make developing your own environmental policy and action plan super-easy.


The ‘Making it Easy’ Pack does as it’s name suggests – if you are developing your own environmental policy and action plan, it makes the job much, much easier. It is the perfect accompaniment to your free Green Small Business Handbook. It contains:

  • Environmental policy template (in Microsoft Word) that you can adapt to fit your business
  • Example activity lists, impact assessments and environmental action plans (all in Microsoft Word) for:
    • Construction company
    • Festival/event/arts organisation
    • Retail
    • Office-based service company
    • Trade (plumber, electrician, joiner/carpenter etc)
    • Small-scale producer or manufacturer
    • Hotel / B&B / Guest house
  • Template Use of Transport policy
  • Template Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy

Small Business Friendly

Green Small Business provides a straightforward, low-cost way for small businesses to manage their environmental impacts with tailored Environmental Management Policies and Plans and Green Certification.

Planet Friendly

Green Small Business enables you to take practical and meaningful steps to improve the environmental performance of your business.

Good for business

Green Small Business certification can enhance your reputation, increase the markets you can access and could save you money.