Environmental Plan and Certification Package

£ 299.00£ 399.00 + TAX

We will develop your environmental policy and action plan in conjunction with you. The price includes Green Small Business certification in the first year.



If you want to better manage the environmental impacts of your business but are short of time and/or confidence, this is the product for you. It’s our most popular product by far. It includes:

  • A high-level but systematic review of the environmental impacts of the business (via video-call or phone)
  • A draft environmental action plan and policy for the business, for you to adjust as necessary
  • 12 months Green Small Business certification

We will develop your Green Small Business environmental management system on your behalf. After you have placed your order, we will arrange a phone or video call in which we will carry out a light-touch but systematic review of the environmental impacts of your business. Based on the findings from our call, we will draft an environmental policy and action plan for you to review and refine. We will then issue Green Small Business certification for 12 months.

For businesses with 50+ workers, please contact us to discuss your requirements and agree a price.

Additional information

Company size

0-9 workers, 10-49 workers, 50+ workers

Small Business Friendly

Green Small Business provides a straightforward, low-cost way for small businesses to manage their environmental impacts with tailored Environmental Management Policies and Plans and Green Certification.

Planet Friendly

Green Small Business enables you to take practical and meaningful steps to improve the environmental performance of your business.

Good for business

Green Small Business certification can enhance your reputation, increase the markets you can access and could save you money.