Environmental Management System Templates and Guide

£ 49.00 plus tax

Templates and editable examples to make developing your own streamlined environmental management system (EMS) super-easy.


This pack includes Environmental Management System (EMS) templates and our step-by-step guide to preparing your own streamlined EMS.

We often refer to it as our ‘Making it Easy’ Pack. As that label suggests, if you want to develop a simple, streamlined EMS in-house, it makes the job much, much easier. It is the perfect accompaniment to your free Green Small Business Handbook, which is also included in the download.

Once prepared, you could choose to gain Green Small Business certification for your Environmental Management System. This is a SME-specific alternative to ISO 14001.

The download contains:

  • Green Small Business handbook – our step-by-step guide to creating a streamlined and impactful environmental management system in a manageable and affordable way
  • Environmental policy template (in Microsoft Word) that you can adapt to fit your business
  • Example activity lists, impact assessments and environmental action plans (all in Microsoft Word) for:
    • Construction company
    • Festival/event/arts organisation
    • Retail
    • Office-based service company
    • Trade (plumber, electrician, joiner/carpenter etc)
    • Small-scale producer or manufacturer
    • Hotel / B&B / Guest house

Plus templates for other related policies

  • Template Use of Transport policy – so that you can implement & demonstrate a principled approach to business travel
  • Template Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy – so that you can implement & demonstrate a principled approach to purchasing goods & services

And, our Environmental Guide for Staff – a super-handy guide to pass on to your staff, covering everything from home-working arrangements to recycling and workplace pensions.

Note: The Environmental Management System templates and guide included are not aimed at achieving ISO 14001 but instead take a more streamlined approach that may be better suited to some SMEs. It’s the SME alternative to ISO 14001 and can be used to demonstrate compliance with procurement and funding requirements, which typically ask for ‘ISO 14001 or equivalent‘. Not sure if it’s right for you? Check out our article on whether ISO 14001 is good for small businesses?