Carbon Reduction Plan (PPN 06/21)

Preparation of a Carbon Reduction Plan to meet procurement requirements (PPN 06/21).


Many businesses bidding for public sector work have been faced with the requirement to publish a Carbon Reduction Plan.

The requirements stem from a Procurement Policy Note (PPN 06/21) published by the Cabinet Office in June 2021.

We can combine our carbon footprinting and environmental management system packages to produce the outputs needed. We can then use these outputs to prepare the Carbon Reduction Plan using the official template.

The price includes 12 months Green Small Business certification and access to the Green Small Business portal, a single platform in which you can track your environmental & carbon performance and access up-to-date advice & resources.

If you have already calculated your carbon footprint and/or already have an Environmental Management System, we can do the work for less. Contact us to agree a fee.

The prices quoted below are not available to businesses that manufacture and/or sell physical products, due to the additional work required to calculate emissions from upstream and downstream transportation. Contact us to agree a fee.

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