Making the world better via chocolate

If you’ve seen Netflix’s Rotten or the wonderful Tony, you will know that there’s a big problem with the cocoa industry. Frankly Delicious are doing their best to be part of the solution. Sourcing certified organic and fully traceable cocoa beans from farmers and suppliers who are paid a fair wage (see more details here) is just one aspect of their commitment to ethical chocolate making.

Frankly Delicious is therefore a fitting addition to the Green Small Business family.

The process of gaining Green Small Business certification was enlightening on both sides. We learned a lot about sourcing and using cocoa beans (did you know that cocoa bean husks can be used in beer brewing!?) and we were able to provide some pointers on other aspects of the business – printing of packaging, energy use, banking, insurance and more. Best of all, we got to sample the chocolate – this rather wonderful 40% India Milk Chocolate in fact.

Owner Frank Laws sees benefits for the business of having independent environmental certification:

“The certification will provide a talking point and will back up the environmental values Frankly Delicious. No planet = no chocolate!”

ethical cocoa