Green certification for arts organisations

We are oh so very excited to announce that LIFT, the London International Festival of Theatre, is the latest organisation to achieve Green Small Business certification.

They might be a ‘small’ team but they deliver one of the most important events in the British arts scene, with an influence that reaches far beyond London. Working with artists from across the world to find new ways of seeing the city, LIFT’s rich and varied programming has presented extraordinary events in both conventional theatres and in more unusual spaces such as disused power stations, churches and canal basins.

LIFT is also committed to promoting environmental sustainability and reducing environmental damage caused by its activities, including through the European network of arts organisations IMAGINE 2020. In the long term it aims to become an exemplar organisation in the cultural sector, leading the way in the fight against climate change. LIFT hosts talks and debates that look at arts and environmental sustainability: The Climate of Theatre (LIFT 2010); Future Festivals (2012); Waving not Drowning (LIFT 2012); and Imagine the Great Transition (2013). The 2014 festival had four shows that explored climate change, one of which ‘Longitude’ explored new models of international collaboration using Google Hangouts, to link performances in London, Barcelona and Lagos in real time.

LIFT also recognises that their work can negatively impact the environment. With the help of Green Small Business, they are actively pursuing ways to reduce these negative impacts, whilst maximising their opportunities to positively impact on the environmental awareness of their audiences.

Green Small Business certification also helps the organisation to meet the requirements of funders, such as the Arts Council, who require environmental policies and procedures. It does so in a way which minimises the administrative burden (critical for a small team with a huge role!) whilst maximising the impact on day-to-day activity. Key to achieving this is having a clear environmental policy and a focused and prioritised Green Small Business action plan.

“Our environmental policy is fairly out-dated and often falls to the wayside. It can be difficult to engage the whole team to consider our environmental impact so the Green Small Business approach will be a huge help by clarifying our priorities and giving us clear short and long term goals”. (Dan Jacques, Finance & Admin Manager, LIFT)

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