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what you will need

To become a Green Small Business, you will need:

  1. Environmental policy.
  2. Environmental action plan
let us help you become a green small business

You have two options:

1. let us do the work for you

We can do all of the work for you. If you choose this option, we will set up a voice or video call with you to ask you a series of questions about your business. We will then use the information we have gathered to prepare your policy and action plan. Once you are happy with it, we’ll provide you with 12 months Green Small Business certification.

Click here to order this service and we’ll get going.

2. use our resources to do-it-yourself

The Green Small Business Handbook, our completely free step-by-step guide, contains all of the guidance that you need to successfully create your own environmental management system. The handbook takes you step-by-step through the process of preparing your Environmental Policy and Environmental Action Plan.

You can also purchase our ‘Making it Easy’ pack, containing templates and examples which can be used and adapted to suit your business.

We can also provide independent certification for your Green Small Business environmental management system, which could be a valuable marketing tool for your business and help you to manage and monitor progress.