Estate Agency leads sustainability

Properly Partners, a start-up estate agency, found Green Small Business to be the perfect small business alternative to getting ISO 14001 certification. They hope to inspire others within their industry to take a principled approach to environmental sustainability.

Founder Michael Whittaker said “I am hopeful that being associated with Green Small Business will lead to extra credibility and recognition within our industry and from clients. I am also pleased that we can contribute to sustainability and hopefully can inspire others within our industry to follow suit, as it certainly isn’t prominent at the moment.

We believe that as business owners we have a responsibility to do what we can to work  in a sustainable way.  Although we are a small business, there are still steps we can take to minimise our impact, and we wanted to have these in place from day one.  We created our own bespoke Environmental management system and policy, which is unique to Properly, and has been certified by Green Small Business.  Some of the larger certification schemes are harder to apply to a small business, but GSB’s criteria are easy to follow and very intuitive, we would highly recommend them to any small business owners looking to do something similar.”