Planet Friendly

Green Small Business enables you to take practical and meaningful steps to improve the environmental performance of your business.

Planet Friendly

Green Small Business enables you to take practical and meaningful steps to improve the environmental performance of your business.

Good for business

Green Small Business certification can enhance your reputation, increase the markets you can access and could save you money.

Environmental Consultancy Services

We also offer a bespoke environmental consultancy service for SME’s.

Maybe you are a bigger business? The Green Small Business process has been designed for businesses towards the smaller end of the SME category. It is ideally suited to ‘micro’ businesses (those with fewer than 10 staff or less than £2m turnover) but it is also well suited to ‘small’ businesses (fewer than 10-50 staff or £2-10m turnover) that have straightforward environmental impacts, e.g. office-based service businesses. If yours is a medium-sized business (fewer than 50-250 staff or £10-50m turnover) or your business has more complex environmental impacts (e.g. manufacturing businesses with complex supply chains) we can still help you with with a bespoke package of support. We have worked with a number of medium-sized businesses, including those operating multi-nationally.

Maybe you need assistance with carbon footprinting? Basic advice on carbon footprinting and offsetting is almost always included as part of our action planning process. This is usually sufficient for those small businesses to navigate their way down whichever carbon path they wish to, whether that be simply measuring their footprint or setting reduction targets (including net zero targets) or offsetting emissions to become ‘carbon neutral’ or ‘climate positive’. However, for more hands-on support with any of these aspects, we can provide additional support as needed.

Maybe your business faces a particularly tricky environmental challenge? We provide high-level advice and guidance to address the main environmental impacts of every business we work with. This is normally sufficient for small businesses to take the necessary action but we can also provide more in-depth research to address specific issues being faced, e.g. investigating the sustainability of specific aspects of supply chains, advising on options for renewable energy installations, sourcing more sustainable packaging items etc.

We can help with most things. For anything we can’t, we’ll soon tell you and will try to point you in the direction of the many other specialists we have connections with. Just book a call or get in touch via email to discuss your requirements. We would love to hear from you.

All bespoke consultancy services are clearly quoted for prior to work commencing and are then delivered on a fixed-fee basis. You will always know what you are going to pay. There will never be any surprises!

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