C-Pro Direct Ltd

C-Pro Direct exists to support medical professionals, parents and children affected by paediatric orthopaedic conditions of the lower limbs and has been supporting children, families and clinicians in the Clubfoot Community since 2005.

As a supplier to the NHS, C-Pro Direct now need a Carbon Reduction Plan in place as part of the NHS’s net zero commitments. Green Small Business was able to support them in measuring their business carbon footprint for the first time, understanding what the commitment to net zero means for their business and developing an initial action plan to start moving them in the right direction.

Through using Green Small Business for the development of their Carbon Reduction Plan, C-Pro Direct Ltd now have access to our online action planning and monitoring portal, a straightforward annual updating process and the added bonus of Green Small Business Certification!

[Green Small Business certification] “has helped to demonstrate to our customers that we are committed to achieving carbon net zero, which is a requirement for the NHS. We are also hoping to see financial savings from the carbon reduction plan being set in place.”

OpenCredo Ltd

OpenCredo pride themselves on making changes that matter. They help their customers  deliver best-in-class solutions in cloud, platform and data engineering . They empower organisations big and small in adopting these technologies through strategy, proof-of-solutions, delivery teams and training.

Green Small Business supported them in producing a Carbon Reduction Plan that was compliant with PPN 06/21, enabling them to continue accessing public sector tenders.

Going beyond the current Scope 3 requirements for Carbon Reduction Plans enabled us to future-proof their approach. Currently, only a subset of Scope 3 categories have to be included in a Carbon Reduction Plan. The NHS have already announced that full carbon footprints will be needed in future and other public sector bodies are likely to follow. OpenCredo are now fully prepared for any such future expansion of the requirements.

“OpenCredo found the Carbon Footprinting service really useful. We now have full visibility of our Scope 3 emissions, which, without expert advice, would be difficult to determine. The Carbon Footprinting also noted areas we could improve and track going forward.

The Green Small Business Certification benefits our business by demonstrating that OpenCredo is committed to reducing carbon emissions and encouraging sustainability awareness and knowledge sharing amongst our team. We are proactive in seeking improvement and understand that when it comes to protecting the environment – all hands need to be on deck!”

First Grade Projects

At their workshop in Pontypridd, First Grade Projects specialise in the design and manufacturing of custom furniture, cubicle systems, Integrated Plumbing Systems (IPS), and other specialised fittings. They take great care in crafting unique and tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs and preferences of their clients.

The company needed an Environmental Management System in order to access a procurement process. Using our DIY pack they prepared an environmental policy, action plan and various supporting policies. Following a review and uploading everything to our online portal, the company were then awarded Green Small Business certification.

“For any small business committed to quantifying their environmental impacts and implementing a plan to reduce them through an environmental management system, seeking guidance from Green Small Business is an excellent place to start. We purchased the ‘do-it-yourself’ pack, which made the creation of an environmental management system a straightforward and enjoyable task. Furthermore, the Green Small Business team is highly responsive and always available to provide support when required. We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with them, as we build towards a greener future.”

Supporting Communities

Supporting Communities is an independent charity that champions tenant and community participation by developing groups, supporting active citizenship, and building cohesive communities.

Green Small Business worked with the charity to develop a streamlined Environmental Management System (EMS) and to baseline the carbon footprint of the organisation. As well as driving improvements in the way that the environmental impacts are managed, the work was used to generate the content for a Carbon Reduction Plan (in accordance with the requirements of PPN 06/21) which was needed for participation in the Crown Commercial Services framework.

“We want to instill and enthuse our staff, stakeholders and customers around the whole area of Carbon Reduction and we feel that the certification through Green Small Business has really helped us to focus along the right track.”

Popcorn Learning Media

Popcorn Learning Media specialise in creating digital learning courses for a variety of distinguished employers – in the UK and around the world. By working in close partnership with their clients, they create bespoke eLearning courses and other content that can be delivered online. They work hard to make them beautiful and engaging, because that’s what makes eLearning effective.

Green Small Business supported the development of a streamlined, structured and action-oriented Environmental Management System for the business. This is being used to support improvements across the business and to enhance their score in the B Impact Assessment (BIA). The BIA is the tool used by B Lab to assess a company’s readiness to become a B Corp.

“The information from Green Small Business has been invaluable, it’s shown us many ways to reduce our carbon emissions and helped us to organise our EMS so we can easily keep track of this year on year. We’re in the process of applying for our B Corp certification and couldn’t have done it without these tools.”


Reuseabox partners with manufacturers to divert their used cardboard boxes away from the recycling process, and re-distribute them to other companies looking to pack their products. By keeping cardboard in use for longer, they help to reduce waste, protect the environment and contribute to a more circular economy.

As part of their journey towards B Corp certification, Green Small Business is supporting Reuseabox with the development and implementation of a streamlined Environmental Management System (EMS) and a comprehensive business carbon footprint that can be updated and reported on an annual basis.

“As an environmental business, measuring our carbon footprint was essential. We can now use our Environmental Action Plan to work towards reducing our footprint across all areas of the business. Tim is highly knowledgeable and great at tailoring the process to meet your business’ requirements.”

Rachel Bailey Garden Design Ltd

Rachel Bailey Garden Design Ltd

Rachel Bailey Garden Design Ltd is an award-winning landscape design practice whose work encompasses residential, public and commercial projects in both urban and rural settings. The gardens they create are unique and plant-filled to capture the essence of the place and are beautiful as well as functional.

Rachel Bailey, Principal Designer & Director, is acutely aware of the need to manage the business responsibly. More importantly, she works hard to ensure that the potential negative impacts of the gardens they work on are minimised and the potential positive impacts maximised. Green Small Business worked with Rachel to build on the business’s already-established good practice and put in place:

  • A baseline carbon footprint for the business operations, which will allow progress over time to be tracked.
  • An environmental policy setting out a high-level, public-facing commitment to environmental responsibility and the environmental priorities of the business.
  • A set of design principles which clearly and concisely articulate how the policy commitments will be implemented through their design approach. These principles will be used not only to provide a clear framework for their design activity but also for the process of engagement with clients and contractors.
  • An environmental action plan, containing a series of practical actions to address all of the environmental impacts of business operations, garden design, project delivery and maintenance.

We used our work with Rachel as a case study in a recent evening CPD session for members of the Society of Garden Designers. A recording of the session will be available to members and a longer 1-day session is planned for early 2023.

“Having a baseline number for the carbon footprint of our business allows us to measure changes that we make to reduce this. Without an actual figure, it is easy to think that what we are doing is lessening our environmental impact, when it may not be having the kind of impact we hoped. Being certified will show that we are serious in reducing the environmental impact of the business – not just ‘Greenwashing'”

rory black from designworks


Designworks are a full-service agency providing web and app development, branding, marketing and design. They have the ability to handle all your marketing requirements will save you time and money, ensures consistency and provide you with a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Green Small Business supported Designworks with the development of a simple, easy-to-manage environmental management system (EMS). This captured all of their ongoing action to manage their environmental impacts, as well as identifying additional action that can be taken in the future. The Green Small Business portal provides them with a straightforward online platform for tracking their progress and accessing advice and resources.

“Green Small Business certification will help decrease both the company’s and supply chain’s carbon footprint and it provides the credentials to support and develop our environmental policy.”

children admiring view

Park Cliffe

Park Cliffe is an award winning holiday park in the heart of The Lake District. Located 3 miles from Bowness-on-Windermere, Park Cliffe Camping and Caravan Park offers a peaceful, tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The park is in a world of its own with absolutely stunning views over lake Windermere and the fells and mountains beyond – Lake District camping at its best!

Green Small Business worked with the team at Park Cliffe to produce a simple environmental management system. This will provide them with a clear structure for their ongoing efforts to be environmentally responsible.

“Green Small Business have helped us formalise an environmental action plan which enables our team to focus on relevant issues across our business and will demonstrate to our customers our approach to caring for our planet. We hope that our approach will inspire our customers to join that journey themselves.”