Storycatchers catch and tell stories that matter. They are an independent agency bringing together a wealth of diverse brand, marketing, behavioural science and storytelling expertise. Storycatchers came to Green Small Business because they needed small business environmental accreditation. They were finding that tendering requirements were increasingly including environmental aspects, including references to ‘ISO 14001 accreditation or equivalent‘.

We managed a very rapid turnaround on this one in order to meet the deadline for a new tender submission. The tender requirements included the company having an environmental management system in place.

Issues addressed in their Green Small Business action plan: carbon footprint; transport emissions; energy use in main office & home offices; company administration.

“We are finding it’s becoming increasingly important for our business to have green credentials. Tender opportunities for new business are now including entire sections of questions on environmental responsibilities, and many ask whether we are ISO14001 accredited. ISO accreditation is expensive and difficult to achieve for small businesses like ours so Green Small Business was the perfect fit for us. We had our environmental management system in place within a few days of contacting them and this will make future tender documents much easier to complete. Tim also provided us with a ton of advice on how to measure our carbon footprint and reduce it, giving me some concrete things to work on in the coming year.”