Dan Visser from Langdale Estate

Langdale Estate

Surrounded by breath-taking scenery and some of the finest biking, walking and climbing locations in the country, the staff at the Langdale Estate holiday resort understand that the stunning environment on their doorstep is integral to the success of their business. 

Historically the senior management team has taken progressive action on environmental issues. However a recent change in personnel saw their sustainability champion moving on and the loss of knowledge, skills and experience left the team without direction.

Green Small Business was commissioned to work with their staff via a series of interactive workshops, to develop a new environmental action plan and a clear approach to the challenge of delivering net zero.

Issues addressed in their environmental action plan include: on-site energy use and low carbon/renewable energy generation, staff and guest travel, food and drink, carbon sequestration and much, much more.

“Tim has given us the focus, structure and coordination that we needed to understand what net-zero is, how we are going to get there, and what our plan is. We hope to continue to work with him into the future.”

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