hart jackson

Hart Jackson & Sons Solicitors

Hart Jackson provide legal a wide range of legal services to their local community in northern England. Founded more than 150 years ago (1858 to be precise), they are increasingly conscious of the impacts of climate change on the environment around them. Seeking Green Small Business certification was a mechanism not simply for ‘getting their own house in order’ but also for inspiring change in others.

Issues addressed in their Green Small Business action plan: energy efficiency & the potential for renewable energy generation; transportation and waste.

“Being certified as a Green Small Business has helped us to review our practices and make many small changes which we hope will make a difference. Tim has also helped us to consider some of the bigger challenges with regard to running a business in a large Victorian building. Our action plan allows us to work towards some more ambitious improvements in the longer term which may impact on our energy usage. In addition, as people are increasingly aware of environmental issues, we hope that our clients will notice our accreditation and be inspired themselves to make changes in their own businesses, place of work or personal lives.”