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outerspace logo

Business Name: Outerspace

Business Description: Creating stunning and meaningful landscape architecture. Creating spaces that balance the needs of people and biodiversity.

Key Issues Addressed by Green Small Business: Energy use, company administration, specification of materials for clients.

“Thank you so much for the policy and environmental action plan. They are great and show an understanding of our business and the realities of running a business. The process was very good. In the space of a 40 minute phone call we went through all key aspects of the business. It will work as a great way of keeping us in check with our own environmental plans and a way of letting clients know about our plans and aims.”

bough to beauty bespoke logo

Business Name: Bough to Beauty Bespoke

Business Description: Making beautiful bespoke oak badges.

Key issues addressed: Energy Use, Raw Materials, Company Administration, Waste.

“We are very excited to be independently certified as a Green Small Business! The process was brilliant. We went through each point in a logical way, spending as much time as we needed to in order to grasp how my business operates now and how some aspects could be improved in future. It will give us even more credibility as an ethical business, so that we can back up that we operate in a way that has as few negative impacts on people and planet as possible”

LIFT logo environmental management arts

Business Name: LIFT

Business Description: Biennial festival of international theatre in theatres, arts venues and sites across London

Key issues addressed: Maximising influence, transport, energy use, waste.

“Our environmental policy is fairly out-dated and often falls to the wayside. It can be difficult to engage the whole team to consider our environmental impact so the Green Small Business approach will be a huge help by clarifying our priorities and giving us clear short and long term goals, helping us to achieve our aim of being an exemplar organisation in the cultural sector, leading the way in the fight against climate change”.

SB logo

Business Name: Southcombe Brothers Ltd

Business Description: Supplying, designing and making gloves since 1847

Key issues addressed: Energy use, transport, raw materials.

“We think it will give confidence to our customers and potential customers that we take our responsibilities to the environment seriously and that Green Small Business has given us a chance to demonstrate this without going down more cumbersome and resource-heavy routes more suited to larger companies”.

Business Name: Miller Clear Architects

Business Description: A small design-led architectural practice, specialising in residential and mixed-use projects. They have a passion for providing practical, inspiring solutions which are as ‘green’ as possible.

Key issues addressed: Advice to clients, specification of materials, energy use.

“Tim put together an easy to manage action plan that breaks down the different aspects of our business practice into manageable and achievable targets. We can concentrate on achieving small things, such as choosing the right kind of recycled paper, whilst maintaining our overall ambition of running an ethical green business. The action plan is a fantastic way for small businesses with limited resources to achieve an ambitious green business plan that has an integrity rooted in establishing key green and ethical principles”.

wave logo

Business Name: wave

Business Description: Wave is a design co-operative working in print and digital media. They work with people who do inspirational, positive things.

Key issues addressed: Advice to clients, energy use, paper use.

“The policy and action plan have been very useful. The Green Small Business logo is now proudly on our website”.