Which is the best carbon footprint calculator for businesses?

We often get asked about which is the best carbon footprint calculator for businesses? There are so many to choose from.

For all of our clients that want to incorporate carbon footprinting and offsetting in their environmental action plans, we recommend using ClimateCare. For those wanting to offset their emissions (which should always be a last resort for emissions that cannot be eliminated), we also recommend them for investment in offsetting projects.

We do so for these main reasons:

  1. Their free carbon calculator covers the widest range of emission types of all of the free calculators out there. It includes flights, road transport, energy, events, accommodation, food, freight and waste. For most small businesses, and many large businesses too, it could be the only calculator they need.
  2. Their carbon offset projects are externally verified for carbon and sustainable development outcomes using standards such as Gold Standard and Verra.
  3. Projects can be selected to align with various UN Global Goals to reflect different business priorities.
  4. Climate Care themselves are a B Corp and were recently recognised as one of the ‘Best for the World 2021’ BCorps – they scored in the top 5% of B Corps worldwide for the way they serve their customers, and help them take positive action for people, the planet and their business.

Check them out!

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