Badge maker now Green certified

Bough to Beauty Bespoke make beautiful bespoke oak badges. At a time when the impacts of plastics waste are gaining a higher profile than ever, this is a business which is definitely ‘of it’s time’.

Environmental sustainability is at the core of the business and their badges help a huge number of clients to reduce their environmental impacts. The process of gaining Green Small Business certification has enabled them to identify additional ways not only of managing any negative environmental impacts, but also taking opportunities to further their positive impacts.

Vix Lawson, founder of Bough to Beauty Bespoke, sees Green Small Business certification as a means of lending even greater credibility to their environmental credentials:

“We are very excited to be independently certified as a Green Small Business! The process was brilliant. We went through each point in a logical way, spending as much time as we needed to in order to grasp how my business operates now and how some aspects could be improved in future. It will give us even more credibility as an ethical business, so that we can back up that we operate in a way that has as few negative impacts on people and planet as possible”

badge maker gets green certified