Langdale Estate and the challenge of net zero

How Green Small Business Galvanised our Team to Understand and Plan our Sustainable Future Dan Visser is the Sales and Marketing Director for the Langdale Estate holiday resort, and part of the senior management team that runs the business. Part of his role is to lead on sustainability. This is important to him as he […]

Which is the best carbon footprint calculator for businesses?

We often get asked about which is the best carbon footprint calculator for businesses? There are so many to choose from. For all of our clients that want to incorporate carbon footprinting and offsetting in their environmental action plans, we recommend using ClimateCare. For those wanting to offset their emissions, we also recommend them for investment […]

The complete beginners guide to carbon footprinting for your small business

We often get asked about carbon footprinting and we provide advice and support to enable small businesses (and some big ones too) to measure their carbon footprint. See more about this service here. All of the questions we are commonly asked are covered in this guide.  The guide provides all of the information you need […]

Help with B Corp environmental requirements

How Green Small Business can help improve your B Impact Assessment Score B Corp environmental requirements are driving more and more businesses to seek Green Small Business certification. More and more of our clients are using Green Small Business as a way of meeting the environmental requirements in their B Impact Assessments. This article provides […]

How hard is it to be a Green Small Business?

Green Small Business was established to enable all businesses to think about their environmental impacts, take steps to address them and maximise the business benefits from doing so. Lots of businesses have now benefited from getting Green Small Business certified but plenty more have thought about doing so and not taken it any further. We […]