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Am I on the right website?

  • Has a client or customer ever asked about your environmental credentials and you’ve been unsure what to say?
  • Have you ever had to tick a box on a tender or grant application to say that you have an environmental management system?
  • Do you want to give your small business a marketing edge over your competitors?
  • Are you concerned about the impact we humans are having on the planet?
  • Do you already have an environmental management system but find it too time-consuming and/or expensive to manage?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you are in the right place. Welcome!

On this site you will find everything you need to get a system in place to manage the environmental impacts of your small business or organisation.

Let’s start with a basic introduction:

1. What is an environmental management system (EMS)?

2. What’s so special about a Green Small Business EMS?

3. Who’s behind Green Small Business?

what is an environmental management system?

An environmental management system (EMS) is a tool used by a company or organisation to identify and manage the effects of its activities on the environment.

An EMS sets out goals for environmental performance and a plan for achieving those goals.

For most small businesses having an EMS is voluntary. However, in some markets they are mandatory, and in all markets they are a valuable marketing tool.

“Green Small Business provides you with everything you need to get an effective, affordable and easily-managed EMS in place for your small business or organisation”

What’s so special about a green small business ems?

Most environmental management systems are based on the international standard (ISO14001). This is a great standard if you are a larger business, with lots of environmental impacts. For small business and organisations, achieving ISO14001 is often too expensive and time-consuming. It can also be out of proportion to the level of environmental impact they have.

A Green Small Business EMS is based on many of the principles of ISO14001. It can provide a useful stepping stone to reaching that standard later if your business or organisation grows. But a Green Small Business EMS is designed specifically for small businesses and organisations.

The Green Small Business approach is:

  • Flexible. You can download the free Green Small Business Handbook and prepare an EMS yourself. If you choose to, you can then get your EMS certified by Green Small Business and use this to demonstrate your environmental credentials. Alternatively, you can let us do all the work – we can prepare the EMS on your behalf and provide you with certification. 
  • Quick. You can get an EMS in place in hours, rather than the weeks that a standard EMS might take.
  • Exceptional value. Use our completely free guide and it will cost you nothing. If you choose to get your Green Small Business EMS certified, certification costs only GBP199 + tax (if applicable) per year.
Who’s behind Green Small Business?

“My aim is simple – to help small businesses look after the environment and improve their bottom line”

I’ve been an environmental consultant for many years, advising governments, other public agencies and private businesses on topics such as energy, waste and climate change. I’ve helped develop environmental management systems for organisations and businesses, large and small.

I developed Green Small Business because of a real frustration about the failure of traditional environmental management system approaches to meet the needs of the small environmental consultancies I have worked in. Even these businesses, advising others on protecting the environment, have struggled to manage their own environmental impacts because the mainstream approaches available were too onerous and expensive.

Green Small Business was developed to provide small businesses  and other small organisations with a simple system which is proportionate to their environmental impacts and recognises that their finances and time are precious.

Tim Maiden, founder of Green Small Business, partner at CAG Consultants (a leading sustainability consultancy in the UK), lover of the hills, dad of three.