We help small businesses to look after the environment and improve their bottom line.

Green Small Business provides:

  • a small business alternative to ISO14001
  • a straightforward and cost-effective way for small businesses and other small organisations to manage their environmental impacts
  • an optional certification process for your environmental management system

Green Small Business can:

  • increase the markets you can access
  • save you money
  • enhance your reputation
  • help ensure you comply with environmental laws and regulation
  • improve your environmental performance

Green Small Business will:

  • work for you because it is specifically designed for small businesses
  • allow you to get an environmental management system in place quickly
  • provide a fixed cost solution
  • give you exceptional value

“The Green Small Business approach gives us a structure to work with and aim for, rather than feeling the task of being green feeling too big to achieve and beyond our finances. Our customers will appreciate the changes we are making by being able to show the certification and it will attract like minded collaborators into our business. It was a very straight forward process and we are so glad we invested in this.”

St Marks Stays

“Thank you so much for the policy and environmental action plan. They are great and show an understanding of our business and the realities of running a business. It will work as a great way of keeping us in check with our own environmental plans and a way of letting clients know about our plans and aims.”

Outerspace UK

“Our environmental policy is fairly out-dated and often falls to the wayside. It can be difficult to engage the whole team to consider our environmental impact so the Green Small Business approach will be a huge help by clarifying our priorities and giving us clear short and long term goals, helping us to achieve our aim of being an exemplar organisation in the cultural sector, leading the way in the fight against climate change”.

Dan Jacques, Finance & Admin Manager, LIFT

“We think it will give confidence to our customers and potential customers that we take our responsibilities to the environment seriously and that Green Small Business has given us a chance to demonstrate this without going down more cumbersome and resource-heavy routes more suited to larger companies”

Alastair Forbes, Southcombe Brothers Ltd

“Green Small Business put together an easy to manage action plan that breaks down the different aspects of our business practice into manageable and achievable targets. We can concentrate on achieving small things, such as choosing the right kind of recycled paper, whilst maintaining our overall ambition of running an ethical green business. The action plan is a fantastic way for small businesses with limited resources to achieve an ambitious green business plan that has an integrity rooted in establishing key green and ethical principles.”

Laura Miller, Miller Clear Architects LLP